At the river Melanas in which flow the crystal clear waters of the Springs of the Three Graces of Orchomenos from the near snow mountaintops of Parnassos. In this place river Melanas is filled with trouts, large and medium ones, next to the river there is a smaller canal with the smaller ones and the fry. A corridor, between spring water and many trees, is ideal to admire the thousands of trouts which I cultivate in different sizes which give a unprecedented perspective of beauty in the landscape. This enormous space gives the space and comfort to the guest to relax and enjoy the waters with the fish and from the other side the mountain with its numerous bushes and flowers.

This place, the way I describe it without any exaggeration, which I have been developing for over 42 years using my inexhaustible will to create. Another personal trait is my love for the people which made me think humanely, "beautiful", to implement thoughts, to produce and to innovate. This way I have managed to produce fine, delicious and healthy products. One of which is the famous smoked trout Saumonée fillet P. Dimou with experience dating back from 1969. The smoking is done using beech wood, with a traditional yet unique way.

Furthermore in the mountain side I have an apiary and I produce my own honey with an extraordinary flavor and quality from the various wildflowers of the mountain (mint, thyme etc). From a wild variety of vine I have planted my own 3 acre vineyard and I produce a ruby colored wine which is then bottled and stored in 14ºC spring water in a specially built place. Lastly these Greek variety of pomegranate with it's fine aroma and flavor, the sweetness, the vitamins and it's antioxidant power. I have planted 300 trees for their fruit and fresh juice.

We welcome you at our facilities!